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As seen on the TV shows,

'Countryfile' and 'Born Mucky'!​



Hello there! We're so glad you stopped by. Our family have been farmers for generations, and we’re delighted to be carrying on the legacy of producing nutritious food and caring for the countryside around us.

We also work to highlight important issues regarding farming as well as seek to inspire and motivate the public through various programs and events we run.

Buckwheat Pure Honey

According to Simon from the Artisan Honey Company, buckwheat always makes champion honey. And our small batch honey produced from hives in our buckwheat fields taste like the very best. The bees have foraged during the golden days of summer, and now you get to share in their delicious harvest.

Honey produced as seen on Countryfile. 

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Our Promise

Taste the difference in each of our cuts of outdoor-raised, high welfare, prime lamb. 

Our emphasis is on keeping healthy, humanely-raised, and hormone-free livestock on our fields of rich grass and clover, grazing sheep in flocks and allowing them to express their natural instinctive behaviours in a low stress environment, giving lean and flavourful meat, rich in protein, vitamins A, B3, B6 and B12, and minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorous and calcium.We are confident you will find that our delicious, hand-cut lamb is fresh, tender, and world class. 


Bringing the countryside to life.

Free fortnightly video calls between farmers and classrooms.

Farmer Time founder, Farmer Tom, invites you to join today!


Born Mucky

Life on the Farm: TV Series 2020

Television series airing in 2019 that aims to capture the reality of life for modern British farmers. 'Born Mucky' will explore the 'resilience and commitment required to keep farms thriving'. Commissioned by Quest, a free-to-air channel owned by Discovery, a ten episode series.

Click 'Learn More' to see behind the scenes pictures, news and links to the series. 

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