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Get To Know Us


Our Mission

As a small family farming business we have to remain profitable, but beyond this we see stewarding the environment and protecting our wildlife and soils as our highest calling.

Conservation Farming

In the past few years we have moved to a system of ‘zero tillage’ (with all the environmental, climate change mitigating, water retaining, and soils health results that come with it), we have turned significant areas of the farm over to providing habitat and food for our wildlife, and we have become obsessive about soil!

Dirty Hands

Opening the Farm Gates

We have continued in our mission to help people see what happens on the other side of the farm gate, launching our ‘Farmer Time’ initiative, opening up the farm for ‘Open Farm Sunday’, baring all on our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and hosting farm visits – both virtually and literally!

From Field to Fork

We get excited about most things, including bats, bees, barley, and the dreaded blackgrass, and we want to bring people closer to the countryside that produces their food, and the people that work to bring it from field to fork.

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